Which Type of RV is Right for You?

Living the RV life comes with numerous options in terms of camper style. You will find everything from vans to full size Class A’s with serious horsepower. Choosing the best camper for short and long term living requires some serious forethought. Luckily, most modern RV’s come equipped with comfortable interior designs and amenities that reflect those found in most households.

RV Park Limitations

Every RV park and resort comes with a different set of rules. Many have limitations regarding the age of your RV and some also only allow specific RV types. Class A only resorts are not uncommon and they are limited for those who want a different style rig for traveling.

At the Hilton Head National RV Resort, visitors have more flexibility in terms of style although the resort does maintain pristine grounds that are desirable for newer, well maintained rigs. The big Class A RV’s are always welcome as are Class B motorhomes and fifth wheel campers. Each style of camper comes with respective advantages and it’s worth testing the waters before settling on a model to call home.

Fifth Wheel Advantages

The fifth wheel technically is a pull behind style camper and not an RV. The fact that it detaches from the tow vehicle and does not have a motor gives it a few advantages. You can park, detach and have a vehicle for getting around the island. This is a major convenience that does require additional towing. The fifth wheel trailer does require a special hitch and tow vehicle with plenty of power. Towing with a dually diesel that is capable of pulling horse trailers and car trailers is not uncommon.

Once parked, a fifth wheel is like any other RV without the mechanical maintenance requirements. The tow vehicle will however still require regular maintenance. Modern fifth wheel trailers come in various sizes and have all the amenities found in other RV’s. Options for a half or full bathroom, a queen bed, air conditioning, full kitchen and living area are normal. In terms of livability, there are no differences between the fifth wheel and a regular Class A.

The Class B Compromise

The Class B motorhome is an outlier in this group because space is more limited. The typical unit is 24-feet or less and some resemble a large delivery style van. While the living space is smaller, finding a Class B with a bathroom, kitchen, couch and full bed is not difficult. The big advantage of having a Class B is maneuverability. You can fit in normal parking spaces, drive narrow roads and find campsites inaccessible to a large fifth wheel or Class A. If you make long trips, the fuel economy is also much better. The Class B size is ideal for singles and couples who want a compromise that doesn’t sacrifice much on comfort. You might not have a full tub and a second half bath but you still have seating, a kitchen space, bathroom and a good bed. Many RV resorts do not offer parking for Class B motorhomes but they are increasingly common and efficient for traveling. The Hilton Head National RV Resort welcomes Class B travelers. Just don’t forget your golf clubs because they will be needed on the world class course adjacent to the resort.

Class A Living

The class A motorhome is the ultimate in terms of space and luxury. Modern motorhomes are essentially homes on wheels with some having custom kitchens, full bathrooms and even multiple bedrooms depending on the chosen layout and your needs. They work great for singles, couples and families and have plenty of space for hosting guests. Kitchens with islands, large water tanks, big awnings and all the comforts of home come with a Class A. Powerful diesel engines allow for additional towing as well. Many Class A owners tow a secondary vehicle for getting around and some even pull a trailer that acts as a garage. The comfort offered for long term living is wonderful and RVers wanting something spacious should take a hard look at Class A models on the market. They have a higher price tag but the mechanics, materials and requirements to build one are far more intensive than most Class B and fifth wheel models

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