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Tiki Bar

Welcome to the Tiki Bar: A Tropical Retreat at Hilton Head National RV Resort

Hours of Operation: varies by season

Escape to the Tiki Bar at Hilton Head National RV Resort, where the spirit of the tropics comes alive in every sip and sunset. Situated perfectly within the resort, adjacent to the vibrant Billy Mac’s Grille, the Tiki Bar stands as an oasis of relaxation and social interaction, offering a seamless blend of indoor charm and outdoor allure.

A Haven of Tropical Ambiance

Step into a world where the casual spirit of island life meets the luxury of resort living. Our Tiki Bar, with its open-style design, bursts with bright colors and is bathed in natural light, creating an atmosphere that’s both energizing and soothing. The outdoor seating area, overlooking the beach access pool deck and the meandering Lazy River, offers an idyllic backdrop for your moments of leisure. Here, you can bask in the sun’s embrace, revel in the gentle breeze, and watch as the day gives way to a starlit night.

A Symphony of Flavors

At the heart of the Tiki Bar experience is our extensive selection of beverages, crafted to perfection by skilled bartenders. From frosty frozen drinks that cool the warmest of days to refreshing cocktails that blend exotic flavors with a touch of sophistication, our menu is a celebration of taste and innovation. Indulge in a variety of local brews and handpicked beverages, each telling its own story of the region’s rich culture and spirited character.

The Social Heartbeat of the Resort

The Tiki Bar isn’t just a place to drink; it’s a vibrant social hub where stories are shared, and friendships are formed. Whether you’re mingling with fellow travelers or enjoying a laid-back family gathering, the bar’s welcoming atmosphere makes it the perfect spot for every occasion. Regular live music and entertainment events transform the space into a lively getaway, inviting you to dance, laugh, and make memories that will last a lifetime.

Your Invitation to Unwind and Celebrate

Join us at the Tiki Bar, where each visit is more than just a break; it’s an immersion into a world of joy and relaxation. Whether you’re seeking a peaceful afternoon retreat, a stunning sunset view with your special someone, or a lively evening with friends, the Tiki Bar at Hilton Head National RV Resort is your go-to destination. Here, in this tropical paradise, every drink is a toast to the good life, and every moment is an invitation to savor and celebrate.

retreat. The setting sun paints the sky with hues of orange and pink, casting a magical glow over the bar. It’s a time when laughter fills the air, glasses clink in celebration, and the worries of the day melt away. This enchanting atmosphere makes the Tiki Bar not just a place to visit, but a highlight of your Hilton Head National RV Resort experience.

In essence, the Tiki Bar is more than just a destination; it’s a journey into a world where relaxation, joy, and tropical beauty converge. It’s a place where each visit leaves a lasting impression, inviting you back time and again. Whether you’re a first-time guest or a regular visitor, the Tiki Bar at Hilton Head National RV Resort awaits to offer you a slice of paradise, one delightful drink at a time.

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