Dog Park

At Hilton Head National RV Resort, we consider your dogs as part of the family. With every dog’s wants in mind, from size to energy level to age, our dog park is designed for your dog to enjoy the resort life too.

Unleash the Fun: Discover the Unique Dog Park at Hilton Head National RV Resort

After a romp at the two-acre, securely enclosed Dog Park that caters to both large and small dogs, cool down your dog and clean them up at our complimentary dog wash. All washing stations are elevated to ensure that you can wash your pet at a height that’s comfortable for you. There are easy-access steps so your dog can walk right into the tub, and with real faucets, you can set the water temperature to keep your furry friend’s tail wagging.

Our Dog Park is open from dawn to dusk, but make sure to save time at the end of their exercise or playtime for your dogs to take advantage of our state-of-the-art dog washing station. Our dog wash is a special treat your dog will thank you for using. Even better, he or she will come back to your RV all clean and smelling fresh.

Welcome to Hilton Head National RV Resort, a haven not just for you but also for your furry friends. At the heart of our pet-friendly amenities is our two-acre Dog Park, designed to cater to the playful and social needs of your dogs, irrespective of their size and energy levels.

Our Dog Park, spanning two acres, is a secure paradise for dogs. It’s divided to accommodate both large and small breeds, ensuring a safe, enjoyable environment. The park’s layout encourages free play and exploration, making it an ideal spot for your dogs to expend their energy and meet new friends.

The physical and social benefits for your pets at our Dog Park are immense. Engaging in active play and interacting with other dogs are crucial for their physical health and social well-being. Our park provides a controlled, safe environment for these activities, enriching your pet’s RV resort experience.

After a day of fun, our state-of-the-art dog wash station awaits. With elevated wash basins, adjustable water temperature, and easy-access steps, it’s designed for the comfort of both you and your pet. This facility ensures that your pet returns to your RV clean and fresh, making your stay more pleasant.

Open from dawn to dusk, our Dog Park fits conveniently into your vacation schedule. This flexibility allows you to plan your day with ease, ensuring your pet doesn’t miss out on the fun.

At Hilton Head National RV Resort, we understand the joy pets bring to your travels. Our Dog Park is a testament to our commitment to a pet-friendly, enjoyable experience for our guests and their beloved dogs.

Community and Wellness:
The Dog Park at Hilton Head National RV Resort is more than just a space for play; it’s a community hub where pet owners can connect, share stories, and enjoy the company of fellow dog lovers. This sense of community enhances the overall wellness of both pets and their owners, making your stay at our resort a more enriching experience. Regular interactions in the park contribute to a vibrant, friendly atmosphere, fostering a unique bond among guests.

Commitment to Excellence: Our commitment at Hilton Head National RV Resort extends beyond just providing amenities. We strive to create experiences that resonate with our guests. The Dog Park is a reflection of our dedication to excellence, ensuring every aspect of your stay, including your pet’s experience, is memorable and enjoyable. This attention to detail and focus on guest satisfaction makes our resort a preferred destination for RV travelers who wish to include their pets in their adventure.

Dog Park

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