Enjoy the Low Country

The low country is a natural paradise with open space, vibrant wildlife and tons of outdoor activities to pursue. Hilton Head National RV Resort is located in the heart of this low country paradise with easy access to a number of wonderful trails, parks and wildlife preserves. Visitors are often busy with world class rounds of golf but there are plenty of things to do off the course as well.

Local Ecology

The low country region around Bluffton has a fascinating ecosystem where saltwater marshes and rivers are found inland. This means visitors can explore an ecosystem with oysters, dolphins and all kinds of interesting creatures in a green and lush landscape. The inland saltwater low country is unique and anyone interested in exploring nature should prepare for excellent birdwatching and exciting encounters with local wildlife in the stunning forests of this region.

Hiking Trails

Several trail systems make it easy to explore on foot or by bicycle. The New River Linear Trail is a local favorite that is made for walking, jogging and cycling. The trail follows a historic railroad bed with an easy gradient. It’s dog friendly and has historical markers and frequent wildlife sightings. Alligators do occupy the area so be cautious with pets. The Oscar Frazier fitness trail is another easy access option in a local park. It’s more geared towards exercise but remains as a nice space to get outside. If you are more interested in a serious nature experience, the trails located within the expansive Victoria Bluff Heritage Preserve are a must-do for Bluffton visitors. 1,100 wild acres offer the perfect escape and natural low country experience.

Explore the River

The May River runs through the heart of Bluffton and it offers plenty of opportunity for fishing, paddling and wildlife watching. It’s a major resource and anyone spending time in Bluffton will see the river. You can do much more than a simple viewing however. Paddle kayaks, take an ecological river tour or try your luck with the many fish species in the May River. The diversity of fish and wildlife species is amazing. Dolphins, sharks, redfish and a number of other saltwater species use the river system and feed on shrimp and oysters in brackish water. The freshwater sections also hold excellent largemouth bass populations with some lunkers lurking around log jams and weed beds. Alligators, hundreds of bird species, whitetail deer and a plethora of wildlife all rely on the river corridors, making it an exciting ecosystem to explore. It’s a waterway that locals love and for good reason.

Wildlife and Nature Preserves

The previously mentioned Victoria Bluff Heritage Preserve is a favorite place to explore but it’s far from the only sanctuary and park in the region. You can spend an entire season exploring the public spaces and still not touch on everything. The low country is blessed with space and natural ecosystems to experience.

Bluffton Oyster Factory Park – This local gem has boat ramp access to the May River and picnic tables with an oyster roasting pit for visitors. The open air pavilion is a nice touch and it’s the perfect place to relax and take in views of the river while cooking and enjoying an outing.

Altamaha Town Heritage Preserve – Perfect for a day trip that involves hiking and wildlife watching. The park is 100-acres with oak and hickory stands that attract songbirds. Take advantage of the nice trails and enjoy the low country hardwood forests here.

Pritchard Park – Often overlooked, this small park sits in a pocket between homes. It has little in the way of parking but is great for a visit. You will find a nice overlook on the river and beach access. Don’t plan on hiking this park but definitely bring a fishing rod and enjoy a picnic on the shores. You could launch a kayak from this area as well.

Wright Family Park – It’s a bigger version of Pritchard Park with beaches on the May River and epic sunset views. The park has restrooms, walkways and is an excellent local option for experiencing the river on the edge of town. There are plenty of other parks in town as well but the river access here is hard to beat.

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