Improve Your Golf Game at Hilton Head National Golf Club

If you are a golfer, one of the best things about a stay at Hilton Head National RV Resort is having Hilton Head National Golf Club out your back door. The course is nationally acclaimed and a place where golfers of all skill levels can feel at home.

Whether you want to simply enjoy a round with friends, or challenge yourself to become a better player, taking lessons is always worthwhile. Beginners and even many experienced players often quit golf because they get frustrated with their abilities. Professional instruction, like that offered at Hilton Head National, can help you grow your game and keep the enjoyment flowing.

Instruction Provides Immediate Benefits for Beginners

Maybe you are just starting out and your goal is to enjoy golf recreationally. If so, instruction on the fundamentals is the route to a strong start. At first, golf can seem complicated. Lessons, clinics, and one-on-one instruction can help you learn about the various clubs, understand the rules and etiquette, and grasp all that new lingo.

Just as important is mastering the physical fundamentals. Swinging a golf club is not intuitive; every player needs to learn how to swing a club properly. Fortunately, as a beginner, you haven’t picked up any bad habits. Lessons will help you learn the basics at the outset.

The Rewards of Instruction for the Serious Player

Once you are past the beginner stage, professional instruction can help you improve your performance. Coaching, one-on-one instruction, and clinics can benefit intermediate golfers who have hit a ceiling. A professional instructor or coach can help you pinpoint why your game is not improving. That might mean breaking bad habits, fine-tuning your swing, or getting better at the mental game.

Pros can also help you with equipment selection, from suggesting what to buy as you improve your game, to saving you money on unnecessary purchases.

Golf Instruction at Hilton Head National Golf Club

Currently, Hilton Head National concentrates on one-on-one lessons and coaching, although some junior clinics and group classes are being considered. The club’s teaching professional, Ruben Sutton is a lifetime PGA member with more than 30 years of experience. He’s taught students of all ages and skill levels, from beginners to tournament players.

For beginners, he encourages learning the fundamentals, “Golf is not an easy game to play well, but learning to swing a golf club is easy. All that most people need are the correct fundamentals of grip, posture, stance, alignment…and a good instructor.”

For more seasoned golfers he points out the benefits of learning from someone who has been in the trenches, “I know golf. I know the physical game and the mental game. I know competitive golf and recreational golf. I know the basic fundamentals and subtle techniques of good golf. I know the bad swings, bad habits, and bad thoughts of poor golfers. I know how to make you better.”

Challenge Your Game on Hilton Head National’s Course

While Hilton Head National is a player-friendly course where recreational golfers can enjoy themselves, it was also designed with skilled players in mind. The course was a collaboration between Gary Player and Bobby Weed, who crafted nine holes each. They laid out a course that would require every club at a player’s disposal, where experienced players could utilize their full skill sets.

Weed designed the front nine with large greens and dramatic undulations. The sixth hole is particularly tricky, with a lake bordering its entire right side and deep bunkers astride the greens. On the back nine, the ninth hole is the course’s toughest, with a deep marsh running alongside a narrow fairway.

Learning Online

When you are not at the course, Hilton Head National’s social media efforts can continue helping you improve your game. Among their Facebook postings are “Pro Tips” designed to address specific skills, A recent one advised:

“For iron shots, move your weight down and forward as you make your swing, allowing the bottom of your swing to be angled in front of the ball. To carry that weight, drive your left knee toward the ball, and straighten it as you complete the swing.

Whether you are trying to improve your swing or are a newbie on the fairway, if you are stressed about your game, you won’t enjoy yourself. Lessons and other forms of instruction can help you improve your game and make it more enjoyable in the process.

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