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November 8, 2021
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Bluffton is a hopping community with a vibrant arts scene, robust farmer’s market, shopping, dining and everything a visitor could want in a charming small-town setting. The local culture, history and outdoor spaces all combine for a welcoming and charming place to visit and enjoy your time. Take advantage of the great setting and have fun in this great community.

Farmers Market

The Farmer’s Market is a town favorite and it takes place downtown every Thursday afternoon. Browse the stands situated in the shade of big trees and find local fruits, vegetables, and artisan food products. The market is bustling with activity, and you will find some delicious options to take home or eat onsite. If you love seafood, finding fresh caught fish, oysters and other delicious options is a breeze. The market is packed with flavors and visitors often attend every single week to stock up on great food from local farmers and vendors. Even if you just want lunch, show up and grab BBQ and other great dishes right at the market. Being a weekly event, it’s easy to plan and attend for locals and visitors alike.

Shopping in Town

Shopping is a wonderful experience in Bluffton. Antique shops hold rare treasures and unique local shops offer a glimpse into the culture with handmade goods. You will also enjoy the crafts, arts and handmade goods on display during the weekly Farmers Market. Spend some time walking around town and you will be surprised by the number of really neat shops and small businesses in the area.

Vibrant Art Scene

The arts are important in Bluffton and a half dozen or more galleries are open at any given time. Oil and acrylic paintings with local touches are found in many galleries and mixed media forms are abundant. Discover local photographers, painters, find wood carvings and sculptures at the galleries, farmers market and local events. Support the world class artists that call this place home while creating and sharing their talents. The town was designated as a cultural district by the state of South Carolina because it has such a wonderful art presence alongside the preservation of historical structures and parks.

Community Events

The Farmer’s Market is just the tip of a very large iceberg when it comes to community events. Artisan Markets, tours, live music, golf tournaments and local gatherings are on the schedule every single week of the year. Bridge groups, art workshops, music in the parks and community fundraisers are common. The Historic Bluffton Arts and Seafood Festival is a major event every October. The fall Boiled Peanut Festival is another fun one to attend. In the spring, Mayfest takes over and brings everyone together. Arts, crafts, food and music are common at most Bluffton festivals.

Enjoy Nature

Exploring Bluffton often involves hiking, biking, boating and fishing in the scenic low country surroundings. The May River offers both fresh and saltwater experiences where visitors can paddle or charter a tour alongside dolphins, oyster beds and alligators. The Victoria Bluff Heritage Preserve offers over 1,000 acres of wild country to explore. Bring your hiking shoes and binoculars to really soak up the surroundings here. The Bluffton Oyster Factory Park has boat access on the May River and picnic areas in the park as well.

If you want to enjoy a sunset on the beach, hit Pritchard Park or the larger Wright Family Park. Both have river access and great views. The Wright Family Park also has restrooms and walkways to enjoy. Bring a fishing rod or just relax with friends and family at the easy access local parks. These are family friendly locations that the entire community enjoys.

While hiking is great in the preserves, sometimes a quick local option is needed to stretch out right by town. The New River Linear Trail is perfect for walking, jogging and cycling. It follows an old railroad bed and runs a very nice route that often affords glimpses of wildlife and the surrounding area. If you want a place to exercise and explore that is convenient and open to foot travel, cycling and pets, give this trail system a shot. It might even turn into your weekly routine.

Spanish Oak Tree in Coastal Marsh Forest

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