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Wi-Fi and Cable TV

Hilton Head National RV Resort has a state of the art, enterprise grade
Wi-Fi system unlike anything you have ever experienced. Symmetrical, gigabit fiber internet service is provided to guests via 148 wireless access points connected throughout the property over 14 miles of fiber optic cable. Every spot in the park has great coverage and speed ensuring connectivity for all your devices. We do not charge for Wi-Fi access, limit your speed, or limit how many devices you can connect.

Our Cable TV service delivers an amazing 162 HD channels including 18 local channels, 30 dedicated sports channels, and 7 complimentary HBO channels. No special equipment is needed to access our Cable TV service. All major brands of TVs purchased since 2009 are compatible. Simply connect to your RV, scan for Digital CableTV channels, and you are good to go!

Access to the facility is controlled by a site wide access control system. Your guest keycard (acquired at check-in) grants you access to gates, buildings, pools, laundry, and bathhouse. We have over 100 HD security cameras across the property to help ensure guest safety.

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