Towable RVs are Welcome at Hilton Head National RV Resort
November 17, 2022

As an RV traveler, you belong to a passionate group who loves their chosen mode of travel and the places they visit. If you are like many RVers, safety ranks high on your list of criteria for intended destinations. Hilton Head National RV Resort offers a gated country club like setting in the low country of South Carolina, known for its safe communities.

Visitors can Feel Safe in the Bluffton/Hilton Head Area

Camping industry research shows travelers ranking an area’s safety as their #2 consideration, only behind amenities. Peace of mind begins with your choice of geographic destination – and the area in/around Hilton Head National RV Resort is as safe as it is charming.

Not only is it historic and walkable, but the adjacent town of Bluffton is safe. According to the  National Council for Home Safety and Security, Bluffton ranks as the second safest city in South Carolina. also places Bluffton #2 on its list of the 20 Safest Cities in South Carolina for 2022. Bluffton’s crime rate is significantly lower than U.S. averages and scored even better when compared to large cities like Atlanta or even popular resort destinations like Orlando.

Security at Hilton Head National RV Resort

Not only is the surrounding area safe but you can also put your mind at ease while at the resort. First off, the property is 100% gated and requires a keycard for access. That means you will only be among registered guests while using the resort’s facilities, including the 2 miles of walking trails.

All arrivals must check in at the gatehouse or use their keycard. Kyle Train, the resort’s General Manager said, “There are video call boxes, so we can see anyone coming onto the property,” adding, “visitors check in at the main gatehouse, so we know every person who is on the property.”

Add to that more than a dozen staff members who are on the property 24/7.. “At least one person is making security rounds via a golf cart until 10 pm,” Mr. Train said. Guests arriving for the first time are even valeted to their sites to ensure safe arrival.

Guest Safety is a Priority at Hilton Head National RV Resort

In addition to providing exceptional service and memorable experiences, the resort staff focus on ensuring guests’ well-being while on the property. There are first aid kits and automated external defibrillators (AEDs) located around the property including at the pool.

For everyone’s safety, the speed limit on all resort roads is 15 mph, which even applies to rented golf carts. While bikes and e-bikes are welcomed, off-road vehicles like ATVs and dirt bikes are prohibited.

Health Protocols at Hilton Head National RV Resort

Just like the hotel industry, RV parks, including Hilton Head National RV Resort, have instituted more stringent cleaning procedures. Although public concern over COVID appears to be waning, it doesn’t mean the resort isn’t staying on its toes to keep things sanitized. Housekeeping crews circle the property all day, and maintenance crews are constantly working to prevent any issues throughout the resort.

The attention to care is manifest in the resort’s bath and dressing-room facilities which are a point of pride. Mr. Train likens them to those at a five-star hotel. One reviewer on Facebook made note of the “beautiful marble floors and walls”, while another echoed Mr. Train, exclaiming, “the bath houses were like those you’d experience at a luxury hotel!”

Finally, should a guest need medical care during their stay, there are three urgent care facilities within two miles of the resort. There are also five regional hospitals within a 15 minute radius.


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